Recent Graduates

Recently Earned Ph.D. Degrees

Maryam Alhinai
Humanature Relations in Oman:  Connections, Disconnections and Globalization

Godfried Agyeman Asante
Dissertation:  (Re)producing the Ghanain/African subject:  Ideological Tensions and Queer Subjectivities in Post - colonial Ghana
Employment:  Drake University

Emily Lilo
Employment:  Western Oregon University

Gabriela I. Morales
Employment:  Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana

Consolata Mutua
Dissertation:  Negotiating Identity, Home, and Belonging:  Understanding the Experiences of Afracan Women Refugees Resettled in the United States
Employment:  Bryant University

Audrey Riffenburgh
Dissertation:  Elements Affecting Adoption and Implementation of Health Literacy Initiatives in Healthcare Organizations:  A Qualitative Study
Employment:  President, Plain Language Works (a plain language and health literacy consulting firm) serving client organizations across the U.S.

Ricky Hill
Trans/formations:  A Photovoice Assessment of Transgender People's Wellness
Employment:  The Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing, Northwestern University

Mónica Pérez-Marín
Dissertation:  Critical Discourse Analysis of Colombian Identities and Humanature in National Geographic Magazine (1903-1952)
Employment:  Universidad de Medellin (Colmbia)

Santhosh Chandrashekar
Un/desirable Subjects: Racial Neoliberal Capitalism, South Asians, and the Unevenness of Racialization
Employment:  University of Denver

Laura L. Burton
Hope as Reclaiming Narrative Agency: The Communication Processes Facilitating Hope at a Community-Based Support Program
Employment:  University of New Mexico - West

Erin Watley
Culture, Conflicts & Discourse: A Critical Discourse Analysis of How Undergraduate Students Conceptualize and Practice Context, Intersectionality and Critical Reflexivity in Conversations About Intercultural Conflict
Employment:  McDaniel College

Danielle Kvam
Dissertation: Communication as a resource for Latin American immigrant settlement in the United States: An ethnography of communication.
Employment: University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Angela Putman
Dissertation: Interrupting the silence: A critical discourse analysis of a pilot seminar on racism, intersectionality and white privilege.
Employment: Manhattan Community College 

Ashley Archiopoli
Dissertation: Don’t put me in “quotes:” Examining communication episodes of health-related stigma
Employment: University of Houston

Susan Arsht
Dissertation:  “This is how worklife should be:” Quality connections, positive relationships, and positive organizational climate
Employment: Hult International Business School

Vanessa Brandon
Dissertation: Fantasy-theme analysis of food documentaries: Contention, collaboration, and consultation as health promotion approaches
Employment: Seattle University

Jaclyn Devine
Dissertation: Exploring organizational culture and intercultural communication practices in a teaching hospital

Sarah Upton
Dissertation: Constructing the conspiring community: Using the practices of invitational rhetoric to create sustainable solutions to community-identified needs
Employment: Post-doc, University of Texas El Paso

Marisa Garcia Rodriguez
DissertationMediated Narratives on Citizenship, Immigration, and National Identity: The Construction of Dreamer Identities in Public Discourse Surrounding President Obama’s 2012 Deferred Deportation Announcement
Employment: Lecturer at: Northern Arizona University

Kristen Cole
Dissertation: “Every ‘one’ and every ‘thing’ can be loved”: A rhetorical analysis of networked self-representation by the objectùm sexuality community
Employment: Dennison University

Wendy Hine
Dissertation: Narrative medicine and traditional medical interviewing approaches in women with breast cancer
Employment: UNM Cancer Center, Albuquerque, NM

Carmen Lowry
Dissertation: Traversing Invitational Spaces: The Beautiful Iraqi Women Project
Employment: Executive Director, Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Jelena Petrovic
Dissertation: The return of the Serbian other: Interpretative repertoires of nationalism and identity politics in online news discourses on Serbia’s integration in the European union.
Employment: Stetson University

Alexis Pulos
Dissertation: Digital Game Design: A Procedural Field Analysis of Digital Capital
Employment: Northern Kentucky University

Alexandra (Sasha) Arjannikova de Leon
Dissertation: An Organizational Culture Analysis of United Methodist Congregations
Employment:  International-intercultural specialist for the United Methodist Church, Western Region in Sacramento, CA

Julie Lucero
Dissertation: Trust as an Ethical Construct in Community Based Participatory Research Partnerships.
Employment: Associate Scientist, UNM School of Medicine, Department of Community and Family Medicine

Jaelyn DeMaria
Dissertation: Seeds of Resistance; Harvesting Justice: An exploration of spaces where native seeds grow
Employment:  University of New Mexico

Willow Jackson
Dissertation: Immigration in rural Newfoundland: Individual and community change

Brandi Lawless
Dissertation: Ending poverty? Critical interrogations of class subjectivities, agency, and ideologies in discursive and embodied texts from a US nonprofit.
Employment: University of San Francisco

Alice Hopkins-Loy
Dissertation: Social-environmental Entrepreneurs’ Communicative Actions in Communication Networks
Employment: Institute for Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship, Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative; Rockwood Fellow (2012-2013)

Satoshi Moriizumi
Dissertation: Social support seeking processes in Japan and the United States: A multi-layered approach.
Employment: Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan

Anjana Mudambi
Dissertation: South Asian And (Undocumented) Latino/A Immigrant Bloggers: A Critical Discourse Analysis Of Their Engagement With Immigration Discourses
Employment: Randolf-Macon College, Virginia

Cleophas Muneri
Dissertation: Negotiating Cultural Identity In The Struggle For Democracy In Zimbabwe: Postcolonial Transitions And Endurance
Employment: University of New Mexico West

Jessica Nodulman
Dissertation: Transcending Traditional Approaches to Sexuality Education: A Case Study in Communicating, Constructing, and Defining Sex-Positive Sexuality Education
Employment: Augustana College

Claudia Anguiano
Dissertation: Undocumented, unapologetic, and unafraid: Analyzing the discursive strategies of the DREAMer immigrant youth movement.
Employment: California State University Fullerton

Iliana Rucker De Larkin 
Dissertation: Obama's Presidential Race: Framing and Ideological Analysis of BLOGS
Employment: Instructor, Loyola-Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA

Eudaline Patricia (Cia) Hell
Dissertation: Patient-Provider Interactions: The Contemporary Cameroonian Story.
Employment:  Health care, Nantes, France

Divya Sreenivas
Dissertation: Structure of Narratives: Applying Propp's folktale morphology to entertainment-education films

Lorenda Belone
Dissertation: An examination of communicative dialectical tensions and paradoxes encountered by Native American researchers in the field and in the academy
Employment: UNM Department of Family and Community Medicine

Yea-Wen Chen
Dissertation: Negotiating intersecting cultural identities, dialectical tensions, and status relationships: Intercultural relationships in two nonprofit organizations in the Southwest
Employment: Ohio University

Jennifer Sandoval
Dissertation: Labor pains: An exploration into the complex roles of identity, the body, and policy in surrogacy discourses in India
Employment: University of Central Florida after a year at California State University Stanislaus

Elizabeth Dickinson
Dissertation: Constructing, consuming, and complicating the human-nature binary: Communication practices in forest environmental education
Employment: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Marianne Leonardi
Dissertation: Narrative as self performance: The rhetorical construction of identities on Facebook profiles
Employment: Assistant professor, St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa

Hannah Oliha
Dissertation: Discourses of diversity: Negotiating the boundaries for equality, inclusion, and through the discourse of socially situated subjects
Employment: West Texas A & M University

Abdissa Zerai
Dissertation: U.S. press representation of the southern Sudanese Civil War, 1983-2005
Employment: Instructor, UNM C&J department

Christopher Brown
Dissertation: White bodies, black gaze: Constructions of white masculinity in white-male elite discourses on leadership and diversity
Employment: Two-year postdoctoral research fellowship, Ohio State University

Holly Siebert Kawakami
Dissertation: A history and development of the intercultural communication field in Japan (1950-Present)

Martina Myers
Dissertation: Institutional Ethnography: How Tenured Academic Women Talk About Success
Employment: New Mexico State University

Bhavana Upadhyaya
Dissertation: Amma’s daughters: A transmodern study of personal, gender, cultural, and religious identities amongst women in the Amma community in United States
Employment: Central New Mexico Community College

Courtney Fletcher
Dissertation: Negotiating face and conflict in romantic relationships: A cross-cultural comparison of Uganda and Ethiopia
Employment: University of Portland

Jessica Crespo
Dissertation: Online Marriage and "Buhay Ko" (My Life): Views from Filipino Prospective Brides, Wives, and their U.S./British/Australian Husbands
Employment: Clarion University

Recently Earned M.A. Degrees

Sebastiaan H.M.H. Gorissen
Thesis:  Common anong Wizards, Popstars, and Cowboys:  Performance and Participation in Media Fandom

Avery Myers-Regulinski
Thesis:  A Rainbow with One Color:  Expanding the Limited Representations of LGBTQ People in Greeting Cards

Jason Boys
Thesis: Tensions in (Agri)Culture: The Negotiation of Environmental Dialectics at an Urban  Farmers’ Market
Employment: Researcher on Farmers’ Market cultural access grant in Austin, Texas

Rodrigo Guzman
Thesis: Contested Knowledges:  A Rhetorical Analysis of the Eclipses for Austin by Pablo Vargas Lugo at the Intersection of Art and Science
Placement: Graduate school in Estonia

Diana Leon
Thesis: “A Latina Captain in Showtime’s Dexter”:  (Un)Veiling a Progressive Image of Latinas through Discourse Analysis of Media-Audience Co-constructions of Latinidad

Lingjing Bao
Employment:  Disney World, Florida

Zhibin Hong
Thesis: Social Networking Sites: Social Support, Motivation, and Influences on Chinese international students' intercultural communication competence
Employment:  Non-Profit Admin. Fellow at New Mexico Asian Family Center

Miwa Kimura
Thesis: A Program Of Attraction Rather Than Promotion: Encouraging Newcomers To “Keep Coming Back”

Lisa Rossignol
Thesis:  When Visions Converge and Collide:  A Fantasy Theme Analysis of Staff Participation in the Patient—and Family—Centered Care Initiative at the University of New Mexico Hospital
Employment:  Ph.D. student, Sociology, Univ. of New Mexico

Kirby Witten-Smith
Employment:   PR Newswire, Albuquerque, N.M.

Pamela Gerber
Thesis: Virtually present: An ethnography of communication look at the shaping of social rules in small group interactions mediated by mobile devices
Employment: Central New Mexico Community College

LaRae Tronstad
Thesis: "And now I'm here": An ethnography of communication about "asking for help" practices at a homeless shelter.
Placement: Doctoral student, University of Texas at Austin

Uriel Lapcevic

Stacey Overholt
Thesis: "The Monstrous Side of Humanity": A Generic, Narrative, and Audience Reception Analysis of "True Blood"

Angela (Qingjing) Xu
Thesis: "I have to be everything": Voices of international working mothers: Negotiating work-life balance in the United States.
Employment: Executive Vice President, Recruitment and Organizational Development - Asia, for Education First. Based out of Boston, Mass.

Krystal Zaragoza
Thesis: Adolescent Sexuality and Gender Discourses in Seventeen, Cosmo Girl, and Teen: A Frame Analysis of Online Teen Magazines

Kenneth Lythgoe
Thesis: Over and Under the Rainbow: A (Queer) Rhetorical Analysis of the Rainbow Sash Movement and Rainbow Sash Alliance
Placement: Doctoral student, University of Wisconsin Madison

Carolina Ramos
Thesis: Borders, bridges, and beer: Performances of cultural identities in the Washington Birthday Celebration.
Placement: Doctoral student, University of Texas at San Antonio

Marleah Dean
Thesis: "It's Like a Giant Game of Telephone": Physicians' Perceptions of Effective Communication in the Emergency Department Context.
Placement: Doctoral student, University of Texas at Austin

Carrie Niesen
Thesis: Navigating reentry shock: The use of communication as a facilitative tool
Employment: Instructor, Winona State University

Nicole Abeyta
Thesis: Hispanics’ communication experience in the organizational setting

Bodi Li
Thesis: The effects of electronic word-of-mouth: An exploratory study

Liesel Sharabi
Graduated: Thesis: Why can’t we be friends? Examining the influence of social network profiles on initial interactions.

Laura Burton
May 2009
Thesis: Facing defacement: Factors influencing indigenous patients in provider-patient communication in Baja Verapaz, Guatamala
Employment: Instructor, UNM C&J department