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UNM News, May 9, 2014

Student News

Posted: May 15, 2014

UNM News, May 9, 2014

Anchors:  Marcus Jaramillo and Micaela Eldridge-Lane

In this edition of UNM News:

Mark Acosta covers the 31st annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow.

The "Blue Line" bus now takes students from the west side of Albuquerque to UNM, Michael Burt reports.

Despite low teacher pay, the UNM College of Education puts students through their paces, Jozelyn Escobedo reports.

Thomas Romero-Salas outlines the prospects for the Lobo football defense, a unit that struggled throughout much of last season.

The dangers of brain injury and concussion have changed the way high schoolers play football, reports Marcus Jaramillo.

And with UNM starting a sand volleyball program, Kyle Tomasi examines some likely venues.

UNM News is a production of the Broadcast News I students at the University of New Mexico, recorded on May 9, 2014, © University of New Mexico.

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