Dirk C. Gibson

Associate Professor

Photo: Dirk Gibson

Mass Communication

Email:  agibson878@msn.com
Office: Room 250

Ph.D., Indiana University, 1983


Dr. Gibson has long been a national expert on product recalls (see his Product Recall Research Group web page), and with the publication of two books on serial murderers he also has become an expert source for print and broadcast media on the mass communications of serial killers.


Gibson is conducting essentially three separate sets of serial murder communication studies. The first set focuses on the Jack the Ripper crimes and communication. A second type of study examines the rhetorical dimensions of serial murder cases. The mass communication and public relations aspects of serial killing are the third category of study. Fifteen of these studies have been submitted to date, with nine acceptances, including two books. In addition, a half-dozen new studies are in the early planning stages. Collaborators are welcome, and should make contact and express interest.

Sample Publications


  • Gibson, D.C. (2006). Serial Murder and Media Circuses. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers.
  • Gibson, D.C. (2004). Clues From Killers:  Serial Murder and Crime Scene Messages.  Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers.
  • Gibson, D.C. (2000). "A Review of Recall Policies at the Food Safety & Inspection Service, United States Department of Agriculture. Washington, D. C.: United States Department of Agriculture.
          Volume I: Bibliographic Perspectives on Recall Practices.
          Volume II: Empirical Analysis of Contemporary Recall Practices.
  • Gibson, D.C. (1991). The Role of Communication in the Practice of Law.  Lanham, MD: University Press of America.
  • Gibson, D.C. (1990). "Evaluation Report: FSIS Recall Notification and Industry Guidance,” Evaluation and Analysis Division, OPPDE. http:/www.fsis.usda.gov/OPPDE/rdad/FRPubs/02-045N/EvalRpt.pdf.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

  • Gibson, D.C. (in press). “Outer Space Tourism Public Relations Purposes, Practices and Problems,” Public Relations Quarterly.

  • Gibson, D.C. (in press). "The Product Recall Blame Game: Stereotypical Villains & Actual Recall Failure Factors." In Michael B. Hinner, (Ed). Freiberger Beitrage zur interkulturellen und Wirtschafskommniukation: A Forum for General and Intercultural Business Communication. Germany: Peter Lang Publications.

  • Gibson, D.C. (2006). "The B.T.K. Strangler vs. the Wichita Police Department: The Significance of Serial Murder Media Relations," Public Relations Review. 32, 58-65.

  • Gibson, D.C. (in press). " The Relationship Between Serial Murder and the American Travel and Tourism Industry.” Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing.

  • Gibson, D.C. (2005). "The Rhetorical Jack the Ripper." The American Criminal Justice Association, L.A.E. Journal, 24-28.
  • Gibson, D.C. and A. Suzanna Chavez (2005). "Serial Killer Public Relations Tactics," Public Relations Quarterly. 50:1, 11-18.
  • Gibson, D.C. and Tracy Krughoff (2004). "The Ripper Correspondence: A Visual and NonVerbal Analysis," Journal of Visual Literacy. 24:2, 227-40.
  • Gibson, D.C. and A. Suzanna Chavez (2004). "Polygraph Keys Vs. Publicity: Serial Murder Public Relations," Public Relations Quarterly. 49:2, 10-14.
  • Gibson, D.C. (2003). "The Paradoxical Nature of Litigation Public Relations," Public Relations Quarterly. 48:1, 32-4.
  • Gibson, D.C. (2002). "The Whitechapel Crimes As Public Relations,” Public Relations Quarterly. 47:4, 26-34.
  • Gibson, D.C. (1990). "Recalls of Body Parts: Problems and Solutions,” Public Relations Quarterly. 47:3, 36-42.
  • Gibson, D.C., Bill Kelly, Tomoko Masumoto (2002). "Koho and Kisha Kirabu: The Role of Media Relations in Japanese Public Relations," Public Relations Review. 28:3, 265-81.
  • Gibson, D.C. (2002). "Posibilidad Y Problema: An Historical/Critical Analysis of Hispanic Public Relations," Public Relations Review. 28:1, 63-85.
  • Gibson, D.C. (2002). "Tomorrow’s Latino Practitioners: Profiles of Hispanic PR Students," Public Relations Quarterly. 47:2, 31-35.
  • Gibson, D.C. (2002). "American Hispanic Public Relations," Public Relations Quarterly. 47:2, 11.
  • Gibson, D.C. (2001). "Communication Faculty Internships," Public Relations Review. 27:2, 103-117.

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