Judith Hendry

Principal Lecturer
Director of Masters Program

Photo: Judith Hendry


Email:  jhendry@unm.edu
Office: Room 221

Ph.D., University of Denver, 1994


Judith Hendry joined the faculty at UNM in 1998 as a Visiting Professor and joined the permanent faculty in the fall of 2001 in a Lecturer III position. She is the author of the textbook, Communication and the Natural World, which is currently being used in classrooms across the country. The courses that she teaches include Environmental Communication, Research Methods, Rhetorical Theory, and Senior Seminar and serves as the faculty advisor for undergraduate communication majors. She is a past president of the Environmental Communication Division of the National Communication Association, and serves on the editorial board of Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture. Her research and publications are in the area of environmental communication with an emphasis in environmental rhetoric. She has two passions — teaching and music. Before becoming and academic, she was a professional singer and pianist. She was recently honored as UNM Outstanding Professor.


Environmental rhetoric, public participation in environmental decision-making, the discourse of nuclear legacy, public discourse of global warming.

2005 Student Choice Award

Dr. Hendry was recognized by the 2005 Student Choice Awards as one of the top three professors at UNM.

Sample Publications

  • Hendry, J. (2010). Communication and the Natural World. State College, PA: Strata Publishing Co.

  • Hendry, J. (2008). Public Discourse and the Rhetorical Construction of the Technospecter. Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture, 2, 302-319.

  • Taylor, B.C., & Hendry, J. (2008). Insisting on Persisting: The Nuclear Rhetoric of “Stockpile Stewardship.” Rhetoric and Public Affairs, 11, 303-334.

  • Hendry, J., & Cramer, J. (2005). "The Logic of Colonization in the 'What Would Jesus Drive?' Anti-SUV Campaign."   In S. L. Senecah (Ed.) Environmental Communication Yearbook, II (pp. 115-131). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. 

  • Hendry, J. (2004). "The Prophets and the Pundits: The Role of the Environmental Communication Scholar in a Sustainable Southwest." Journal of the Arizona Communication Association, 1-8.

  • Hendry, J. (2003). "Mining the Sacred Mountain: The Clash between Western Rationalization and Native American Religions." Multicultural Perspectives, 5 (1), 3-10.

  • Hendry, J. (1994). "Managing Public Values in Environmental Risk Communication:   The Rhetoric of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal."   Speaker and Gavel , 31, 96-109 


Both quantitative and qualitative depending on the focus of inquiry. I especially enjoy rhetorical criticism and public discourse analysis.

Teaching Style

I endeavor to create substantive, challenging courses and a classroom environment that fosters student interaction and free expression. I strive to be fair and show genuine respect and concern for my students. I believe that humor in the classroom is essential.

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