Karen L. Schmidt

Lecturer III

Photo: Karen L. Schmidt


Email:  schmidtk@unm.edu
Office: Room 227

Ph.D., Arizona State University, 1991


Dr. Schmidt teaches classes in public speaking, small group communication and intercultural communication. She has taught for more than 20 years, including 11 years as a tenured full-time faculty member at Chandler-Gilbert Community College in Arizona where she served as faculty president. She also served as chair on several committees and co-chaired the institution’s student learning outcomes committee and the college presidential search committee. Prior to moving to New Mexico, she taught part-time at California State University at Monterey Bay and Monterey Peninsula College. She also conducted communication workshops for the City of Monterey’s employee leadership program and consulted for non-profit organizations.

"I am most interested in discovering and developing activities and programs that foster student learning. Student success is very important to me so I strive to create a supportive classroom environment where students feel comfortable interacting. Developing a sense of community leads to deeper communication. I encourage students to use the opportunity to practice, and be mindful of, their communication behaviors. I am also interested in studying how diversity and the use of technology have led to changes in university students’ friendships and romantic relationships."

Sample Publications

  • Gudykunst, W.B., Forgas, J.P., Franklyn-Stokes, A., Schmidt, K.L., and Moylan, S. (1992). "The influence of social identity and intimacy of relationship on interethnic communication: An extension of findings from the United States to Australia and England." Communication Reports, 5, 90-98.
  • Gudykunst, W.B., Gao, G., Schmidt, K.L., Nishida, T., Bond, M.H., Leung, K., et al. (1992). "The influence of individualism-collectivism, self-monitoring, and predicted-outcome value on communication in ingroup and outgroup relationships." Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 23, 196-213.
  • Gudykunst, W.B., Ting-Toomey, S., Hall, B.J., and Schmidt, K.L. (1989). "Language and intergroup communication." In M.K. Asante and W.B. Gudykunst (Eds.), Handbook of International and Intercultural Communication. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.
  • Gudykunst, W.B., Nishida, T., & Schmidt, K.L. (1989). "Cultural, relational, and personality influences on uncertainty reduction processes." Western Journal of Speech Communication, 53, 13-29.


My research was primarily quantitative, but I enjoy the richness of qualitative methods.


May Sarton, Louise Erdrich, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Isabel Allende, Malcom Gladwell, Joyce Carol Oates.

Teaching Style

I believe that active participation is the best way to teach communication concepts. Students are encouraged to ask questions during lecture, participate in class discussions, and interact with each other in small groups. My goal is to choose or develop activities to guide the group process with clear objectives in mind.

Favorite Classes

Intercultural Communication, Small Group Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Professional Communication, Public Speaking.


I enjoy reading, making jewelry, walking my dogs, and collecting vintage clothing and accessories.