Marissa Floyd

Lecturer III
Director of Public Speaking

Photo: Marissa Floyd




Dr. Marissa Floyd is our Director of Public Speaking. She is interested in relational communication, identity, and culture with a specialization in sport. She received her BA at Fort College in Computer Science. She completed her MA (Interpersonal & Family Communication) and PhD (Critical Relational Communication) at the University of Denver. In addition to teaching and research she has worked with various organizations to both observe and train community members to improve relationships and communication within various aspects of sports. She also does sport consulting/education/training for families, student-athletes, and professionals.


My research focuses on relationships and identity in sport. Through my dissertation I looked at student-athlete identity within collegiate sport culture to answer the question “are student-athletes really students first?” from a structural view of college sports. I also look at heteronormative views of athlete identity within sport culture. Other projects include: labor relations in early baseball, team culture and masculinity. I primarily take an ethnographic approach to research projects by working within sport communities.


Yandall, M. M. (2014). “Dreams include pregnant bellies or being passed around the frat house”: Investigating heteronormativity in sport (pp. 164-188). In b. Brummet & A. Ishak (Eds.), Sports and Identity: New Agendas in Communication. New Youk: Routledge

Favorite Authors

bell hooks, John Singer, Gloria Anzaldua, Dwight Conquergood, Dave Zirin, Kenneth Burke, Malala Yousafzi, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Madeleine L’Engle, Rudyard Kipling

Teaching Style

I take an interactive and hands-on, learning is doing, approach and embrace critical pedagogy in the classroom. I enjoy learning from my students and encouraging them to learn from each other. I enjoy teaching students about the production of knowledge and providing them with the tools to critically evaluate various truths and realities. I encourage my students to take on the responsibility of engaged and enlightened citizens of our country and civilization.

Favorite Classes

I enjoy all of my classes! However, I truly love talking/teaching about sport. When I have more time, I plan to take some quantum physics classes for fun.

Why UNM?

I am proud to be a Lobo because of the diverse population on campus and the rich history here in the Southwest. I am deeply excited and invigorated by the innovative and culture-based research across campus.

Spare Time

Nothing beats time with my family and friends. We are definitely a sport-loving family! Baseball is pretty much a year-round staple at our house. I also enjoy music, travel, food, outdoor activities, and celebrating life everyday with the people I love.