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Mass Communication

Phone: (505) 917-9909
Office: Room 252
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Ph.D., University of Utah, 1992


Dr. Schaefer is the M.A. adviser. He is a former broadcast journalist and a writer of interactive videodisks. His teaching and research interests include digital journalistic technologies, television production practices, information technology policy and the visual aspects of communication, as well as immigration issues.


Richard J. Schaefer is a co-founder of the Cross-Border Issues Group (CBIG), which leads groups of UNM and Mexican students in intensive, month-long journalistic, research and cultural studies courses taught in immigration and indigenous culture hot spots in the United States, Mexico and Central America. He also administers a political journalism program in Washington, D.C. A graduate of Notre Dame and the University of Utah, he worked as a broadcast journalist and interactive videodisc writer before entering academia. He currently researches and teaches journalism practices, audio-visual techniques, and immigration issues.

Sample Publications

  • Schaefer, Richard J. (2010). Introduction to Media Writing. A digital online textbook published by the Great River Technologies division of Kendall Hunt, Dubuque, IA.
  • Schaefer, Richard J., Gonzales, Carolyn, and Schaefer, JoAnn (2010). "Casa de Migrante: Lecheria Albergue." A competitive paper delivered to the Latin American Crises and Opportunities Conference in Riverside, CA, on April 24, 2010.
  • Schaefer, Richard J. and Martinez, T.J. (2009). "Trends in network news editing strategies from 1969 through 2005." Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 53:3, 347-364.
  • Cross-Border Issues Group (2008, Nov. 23.). Schaefer, Richard J., executive producer and reporter, and Carolyn Gonzales, producer and reporter, of one-hour radio documentary entitled “Perspectives on Mexican Immigration” about Mexican and indigenous perspectives on migration. Reporters Jennifer Vieth, Christina Lovato and Maggie Ybarra also produced material for the Cross-Border Issues Group documentary. (Aired on KUNM-FM and the public radio exchange. Winner New Mexico Press Women best radio documentary for 2008 and runner-up in National Press Association long-format radio reporting competition for 2008.)
  • Schaefer, Richard J. (2003). "Whither digital television?" Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 47:1, 145
  • Schaefer, Richard J. and Gonda, Gillian K. (2003). "U.S. public television workers’ initial impressions of the DTV transition." Southwestern Mass Communication Journal, 19:1.
  • Schaefer, Richard J. (1998). "The development of CBS News Guidelines during the Salant years." Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 42:1, 1-20
  • Richard J. Schaefer (1996, Feb.). Annotated Synopsis of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. A synopsis of new legislation that was electronically published through the Communication Technology and Policy Division Web page. ( and

Service and Advising

  • Founding member, along with Arturo López Durán and Carolyn
    Gonzales, of the Cross-Border Issues Group, which conducts
    research on issues that affect Mexican and Americans.
  • Faculty adviser for the Talk Radio News Service internships in
    Washington, D.C.
  • Faculty adviser for UNM student Webstreamed radio and television programs.


Broadcast news production classes and telecommunication and media specific theory courses. Graduate-level research methods and mass communication seminars on media structures and informational media. Director of the introductory media writing courses.

Teaching Style

Traditional, hopefully not too dated. A combination of what students often describe as "long lectures" with a practical component of completing applied projects for most courses.

Courses Taught

C&J 171 - Writing for the Media; C&J 360 and 460 Broadcast News I & II; C&J 501 - Fundamentals of Communication Research; C&J 562: Media Seminar: 578: Seminar on Media Structures.


Traveling, especially to border areas. Tennis — play more than my body will allow. Butchering (languages that is), Spanish and occasionally Chinese. Eating — probably too much of that than my body will allow too, but it's even more fun with company. Biking, hiking and cross-country skiing, particularly with family members, JoAnn and Adrian.

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