Audrey Riffenburgh

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Ph.D. Student
2006 Cohort

Audrey is originally from Albuquerque but left for many years, living in Colorado, Idaho, and New York. She began her career as a teacher of deaf and multi-handicapped students and later worked in adult literacy for many years. In 1994, she earned an M.A. in adult learning at UNM. Over the years, through her work in adult literacy, and through her family’s experiences, she saw how inaccessible health information and systems are for the majority of the population. In 1994, Audrey founded what became a national consulting firm specializing in health literacy and plain language. Her firm serves a wide range of clients including the National Cancer Institute, American Academy of Pediatrics, academic researchers, and Native American and Pacific Island communities. Wanting to broaden and deepen her knowledge, Audrey began pursuing her PhD part time in 2006. In 2012, she put the PhD and consulting on hold when she was offered the position of Senior Health Literacy Specialist at UNM Hospital. After three years at UNMH, she decided to return and finish her PhD. Audrey is delighted to be back!