Avery Myers-Regulinski

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M.A. Student
2014 Cohort

Avery Myers-Regulinski is a Pacific Northwesterner that is putting her rain-loving character to the test in New Mexico. She graduated with a BA in Anthropology before embracing Communication for her MA. Her interests are broad, including interpersonal, intercultural, and media communication. More specifically, Avery looks at race, gender, and sexuality in mass-produced greeting card messages. Slowly but surely she is working to complete a thesis project that marries art and communication. Avery is designing a line of LGBTQ greeting cards that better represents a diversity of relationships and people, moving away from oversimplified caricatures of LGBTQ folks. When she isn't laboring over her project, she enjoys teaching by day and dancing by night. Avery hopes to pursue a career in teaching upon completing her Masters degree