Camille R. Velarde

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Ph.D. Student
2017 Cohort

Camille Velarde, a New Mexico native, raised in rural northern New Mexico is a PhD Student and T.A. in the Communication and Journalism Department at the University of New Mexico. She enjoys working with the diverse undergraduate student body in her  public speaking, organizational and health communication courses at UNM. Camille also serves as adjunct faculty at Central New Mexico Community College. Her research interests include health communication regarding mental health issues. Her past research has looked at mental health narratives shared through social media, media representations of celebrities mental health and audience reactions to those depictions on Facebook. Additionally, she has looked at the historical origins of health disparities in New Mexico, specifically Rio Arriba county and McKinley county. Camille is currently working on investigating the effectiveness of a mental health campaign delivered through social media. She is open to cross discipline research collaborations, community engagement and activism, general health communication studies, and examining the intersection of race/ethnicity and gender in mental health communication, policy and advocacy.