Jose Castro Sotomayor

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Ph.D. Student
2013 Cohort

José studied sociology and political science at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Quito, the capital city of his home country Ecuador, and received an MA in communication at West Texas A&M University. Now he is coming from Bogotá, Colombia, where he has been living and teaching since 2009. In his classes and research he has tried to bridge the sociological, political, and communication perspectives by doing ethnographic and discourse analysis studies. Recently, he worked on an environmental project at the border between Ecuador and Colombia that resulted in the published Binational Agenda about Environment and Biodiversity. From this experience, he defined his research interests for his doctoral studies: environmental communication in transboundary scenarios. From an intercultural communication perspective, he wants to study ways different cultural scenarios understand sustainability, how this concept is built from different discursive levels, and the effects of these nuances in the execution and efficiency of environmental projects aim at sustainable development. In addition, he wants to study community radio located in national border areas, its effect on community participation in environmental issues, and its role in spreading the conceptual debate around sustainable development along the frontier.