M. Nikkie Roberts

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Ph.D. Student
2013 Cohort

Nikkie is originally from a small farming community in southeastern Idaho but considers herself a true Oregonian, having spent the last 11 years in the Portland, Oregon, area. She received her BA in speech communication (2008) and her MA in interdisciplinary studies (2011) at Oregon State University in Corvallis. Her research focuses on the meeting place of rhetoric and culture. Her Master’s thesis, Preach My Gospel: A Metaphoric Analysis of Mormon Missionary Rhetoric, examined the role of grammatical structures and metaphor in the execution of the Mormon Church’s proselytizing methods.  Nikkie intends to continue a focus on language and culture as rhetorical devices and examine how those devices are used to suppress minority cultures through the process of rhetorical criticism. Nikkie has taught public speaking and interpersonal communication as an adjunct instructor at Oregon State University and Linn Benton Community College. She intends to continue a career in teaching and research after completing her PhD program. Nikkie enjoys playing the guitar, dabbling in graphic design, and using her blog as a creative outlet for her “less academic” writin