Margaret Siebert

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Ph.D. Student

Maggie Siebert graduated with distinction from the Masters of Science program in Community Health Education in the College of Education in May 2012. Currently, she is a first-semester doctoral candidate in Health Communication in the Department of Communication and Journalism. For the last year, Maggie has been involved in a USDA funded research study with advisor and mentor, Dr. Christina Perry, a faculty member in the Health Education Program, Department of Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences. Researchers from UNM and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are exploring food safety within diverse populations. Maggie’s work on this project has culminated in a validated food safety knowledge survey that is culturally appropriate for Native American and Hispanic populations. She recently presented her research at the annual meeting of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior in which her abstract received a top student research award —only 5 out of 200 were chosen.  Maggie serves as project manager in phase two of the food safety research project, which involves designing, implementing and evaluating a culturally competent intervention across communities in New Mexico and Nebraska.