Monserrat Fernandez Vela

Ph.D. Student

Monserrat Fernández-Vela is from Ecuador. She received a B.A. in Communication and a MA. in Education in Ecuador. Presently, she is a Ph. D. candidate in Latin American Studies at the University of New Mexico, with a concentration in Communication and Sociology. Her doctoral research focusses on the discourse of Human Rights and Human Rights Education, read from a Latin American Educommunicational perspective.  Her work has a multidisciplinary approach that combines Communication, Education, and Sociology.

Monserrat is a tenured professor in the Communication School at Central University of Ecuador. Her areas of interest are related to social justice and social change in Latin America, the critical analysis of the interrelations between power/knowledge and edu/communication,  the construction of discourses of otherness in intercultural communication, the impact of new technologies on human networks, and the design and evaluation of communication/education curricula in higher education. She has written articles in the areas of Communication and Education, in topics related to journalism, violence, peace and conflict, and human rights.