Olga Zaytseva

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Ph.D. Student
2008 Cohort

Olga received a B.A. in communication studies from CSU, Stanislaus, and an M.A. from San Francisco State. Olga's research interests focus on cultural mechanisms of normalization and non-violent methods of resistance. Using a variety of qualitative methods, she investigates how culture affects what people consider normal, acceptable, or desirable (especially in relation to gender and sexuality) and how, at specific sociocultural conjunctures, those ideological prescriptions do not become articulated. Due to her cultural heritage, Olga concentrates predominantly on Russia. Olga's previous research projects include studies on perceptions of Russian women on feminism; Russian masculinities; (re)construction of (homo)sexuality in the country; analysis of the intersection of gender, nationality, and social class in articulations of identities of Russian elite women; female sex tourism; patterns of production and distribution of social and cultural knowledge in the media; cultural pedagogy; and diasporic communities. Many of these studies were presented at regional, national, and international conferences. Olga is also interested in critical and feminist pedagogy.