Stephen Griego

Ph.D. Student

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2013 Cohort

Stephen Griego is a PhD student in the Communication and Journalism program at the University of New Mexico. Stephen has framed his program of study on the three pillars of the contemporary sustainability movement by focusing on a wide variety of topics centered on food related issues.  His work to this point has focused on the contemporary globalized food system by exploring relationships between regional geography, chain food restaurant distribution, food as communication, and cultural identity. As a student of Dr. Tema Milstein, Stephen has begun to incorporate a more ecocentric standpoint in his research.  Under the direction of Dr. Patricia Covarrubias, his current and future work employs the Ethnography of Communication methodology to detail the rich food cultures of the centuries old speech communities in his native New Mexico. As a single father, Stephen is blessed to share his scholarly journey with his two wonderful children, Autumn and Aiden.