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Summer 2017

100 Level

130 - Public Speaking

A performance course that deals with the analysis, preparation and presentation of speeches. Meets New Mexico Lower Division General Education Common Core Curriculum Area I: Communications (NMCCN 1113).

001Lecture/Practice Experience3M, T, W, R
0900 - 1130
Communication & Journalism - 156
Jocelyn Gomez

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200 Level

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300 Level

318 - Language, Thought & Behavior

001Lecture3M, T, W, R, F
0900 - 1700
Communication & Journalism - 258
Patricia Covarrubias

393 - T: Communication & Journalism


002Topics3Richard Schaefer

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400 Level

490 - Undergraduate Problems

Restriction: permission of department chairperson.

001Independent Study1 TO 3
004Independent Study1 TO 3Mary Collier
005Independent Study1 TO 3Patricia Covarrubias
008Independent Study1 TO 3Miguel Gandert
009Independent Study1 TO 3Dirk Gibson
012Independent Study1 TO 3Marco Briziarelli
013Independent Study1 TO 3Tamar Ginossar
018Independent Study1 TO 3Ilia Rodriguez Nazario
019Independent Study1 TO 3Richard Schaefer
020Independent Study1 TO 3
023Independent Study1 TO 3
014Independent Study1 TO 3Tema Milstein
024Independent Study1 TO 3Judith White
016Independent Study1 TO 3Myra Washington
017Independent Study1 TO 3David Weiss
025Independent Study1 TO 3Michael Marcotte
027Independent Study1 TO 3
028Independent Study1 TO 3Judith Hendry
002Independent Study1 TO 3Shinsuke Eguchi
006Independent Study1 TO 3Susana Martinez Guillem
010Independent Study1 TO 3
007Independent Study1 TO 3

491 - Intern Communication Education

Review of recent developments in course content, teaching materials and instructional strategies; simulated classroom experience with analysis of teaching behavior using media. Restriction: permission of department chairperson.

001Practice Experience3Marissa Floyd
002Practice Experience3Kathy Isaacson
003Practice Experience3Karen Schmidt
004Practice Experience3Laura Burton
007Practice Experience3Judith Hendry

492 - Internship in Comm

Internships in communication arranged with individual faculty members. Offered on CR/NC basis only. Prerequisite: 2.5 GPA, completion of 9 hours in CJ, to include at least one 300-level course and one course in the area of the internship. Six hours maximum of any CJ internship credit is allowed. Restriction: permission of instructor.

020Practice Experience1 TO 3Laura Burton
028Practice Experience1 TO 3David Weiss
001Practice Experience1 TO 3Marissa Floyd
002Practice Experience1 TO 3Richard Schaefer
003Practice Experience1 TO 3Jaelyn DeMaria

494 - Senior Thesis


001Independent Study3
002Independent Study3
004Independent Study3Mary Collier
006Independent Study3
007Independent Study3Miguel Gandert
008Independent Study3Dirk Gibson
009Independent Study3Judith Hendry
011Independent Study3Marco Briziarelli
012Independent Study3Tamar Ginossar
017Independent Study3Ilia Rodriguez Nazario
018Independent Study3Richard Schaefer
019Independent Study3
021Independent Study3Michael Marcotte
022Independent Study3
013Independent Study3Tema Milstein
023Independent Study3Judith White
015Independent Study3David Weiss
016Independent Study3
024Independent Study3Patricia Covarrubias
003Independent Study3Shinsuke Eguchi
005Independent Study3Susana Martinez Guillem
010Independent Study3
014Independent Study3Myra Washington
025Independent Study3

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