Toya Martinez

Academic Coordinator

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(505) 277-5305

Victoria “Toya” Martinez, a New Mexicana through and through and proud Lobo alum, graduated in 2017 with her BA in East Asian Studies. She began working with UNM’s graduate and professional student government, otherwise known as GPSA, in 2019; helping establish and develop programs/events, securing extra funding for scholarships/grants, and advocating for graduate and professional students to UNM administration and the State of New Mexico amongst many other student-led initiatives. Toya is thrilled to be able to continue supporting students in their endeavors, accomplishments, and success at UNM as a member of the Communication & Journalism Department and is committed to the innovative future of the University of New Mexico and the Lobo constituency. As the Academic Coordinator for C&J and a member of the UNM Staff Council, she hopes to become further involved in and more knowledgeable about the UNM 2040 initiatives.

Toya is an avid reader and board gamer, enjoying time spent with her family and going on adventures with her dog, Wyn. She spends her extracurricular efforts dedicating time to the study of onomatology and energy to her newly founded business.