Congratulations, Keisuke Kimura!

Departmental News

Posted: November 15, 2020

Congratulations to Ph.D. student Keisuke Kimura's on the publication of his first solo articleVoices of In/Visible Minority: Homogenizing Discourse of Japaneseness in Hafu: The Mixed-Race Experience in Japan, published in the Journal of Intercultural Communication Research. 

From the abstract:  

In this essay, I examine Japan’s mixed-race identity (i.e. hafu) and negotiation in Hafu: The Mixed-Race Experience in Japan. This essay is concerned with Japaneseness as a theoretical and conceptual framework in order to investigate how the dominant homogeneous discourse of Japaneseness marginalizes or positions hafu individuals in contemporary Japan. Simultaneously, this essay illuminates the possibilities to further interrogate hafu identity through a close reading of Hafu: The Mixed-Race Experience in Japan. Overall, the goal of this essay is to critique and facilitate scholarly conversations about the relationality between Japaneseness and hafu identity.