Undergraduate Internship Program

The Department of Communication & Journalism offers undergraduate professional internship opportunities in both our Bachelor of Arts programs: Communication and Journalism/Mass Communication. Students can earn up to six credits overall in internships, but no more than three in any one semester.

C&J Internships provide students with invaluable experience necessary to successfully compete in the job market. Students apply classroom lessons, theories, strategies and are given the opportunity to do field work for a variety of companies and organizations, network with industry professionals and build portfolios.

While internships are electives, we strongly encourage our students to complete a professional internship before graduation.


To be eligible for internships in the Department, students must have a 2.5 GPA and have at least 9 hours (3 courses) in C&J.

Internship opportunities are regularly posted to the undergraduate C&J list serve, the C&J Facebook page, internship book and bulletins around the Department. Students can request to be on the undergraduate C&J list serve by sending an email to our program advisement coordinator: Jessica Chavez, jflynn@unm.edu.

Students interested in specific internships need to download the Internship Application Packet. The forms detail what is required of the student and of the on-site supervisor, which includes a letter of what the student's responsibilities will be and verification of academic eligibility. Students then need to contact the company/organization directly and submit the appropriate materials (e.g. resume, writing samples, design samples) to that company/organization.

After the forms are completed and signed by the student, on-site supervisor and the faculty sponsor, they are returned to Jessica Chavez, and she will give the student the appropriate override to register for the internship with a specific faculty sponsor.

Interns receive 1 hour of credit for every 45 hours worked to a limit of 3 credit hours or up to 135 hours per semester. This is roughly 8-9 hours per week. Students may do a second internship the following semester, but cannot exceed 6 hours of internship credit.

Students are required to keep their faculty sponsors updated periodically during the semester on how well the internship experience is proceeding. Faculty sponsors are required to make a mid-term check-in via phone or email with the on-site supervisor to ensure that the Department's expectations are being met.

At the end of the internship, students will turn in daily logs (documenting their work each time they come in), a 2-5 page paper about their experience, work samples, a student online evaluation survey and the on-site supervisor online survey (in a sealed envelope) to their faculty sponsor. Faculty sponsors are required to have an in-person meeting with their interns at the end of the semester to collect the materials.

Participating Companies/Organizations

A variety of local professional organizations and companies participate in our internship program during any given semester and the summer session.

A sample of professional organizations and companies include:

ABQ Convention & Visitors Bureau,  McKee Wallwork Cleveland, ABQ The Magazine, KOB-TV, Johnny Board LLC, Griffin & Associates, UNM Communication & Marketing Department, Sandia Preparatory School, The Garrity Group, Santa Ana Star Center/Global Spectrum, NM Child Advocacy Network, HSC-TV, KRQE-TV, Asthma Allies, ESPN Radio, Littleglobe Inc, Animal Humane NM, Environment New Mexico, Entravision Communications, Citadel Radio, UNM Theatre.


Potential Internship Partners should contact Michael Marcotte, Faculty Internship Coordinator, at mmarcotte@unm.edu

Students should contact Jessica Chavez, program advisement coordinator, Jessica Chavez, 277.5305