UNM's Grand Challenges Initiative Honors C&J Students and Instructors

Departmental News

Posted: February 11, 2021

During the Fall of 2020, the UNM Grand Challenges Initiative collaborated with COMM 1130 (Public Speaking) instructors to encourage undergraduate students to engage with one or more of the three challenges (sustainable water resources, successful aging, and substance use disorders). Led by Tim Schroeder (Operations Director of the Grand Challenges Initiative), Evan Ashworth and Nana Kwame Osei Fordjour, students were assigned a speech that focuses on the importance of the challenges. 523 students participated in 22 sections of COMM 1130, and seven presentations were selected to receive recognition for “Excellence in Undergraduate Student Scholarship, Grand Challenges.” Among the award winners are: Aubry Hershberger, Davin Lee, Alejandra Jurado, Veronika Simko, and Andrew Ye.