Lian Kim

Ph.D. Student

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2020 Cohort

Lyounghee Lian Kim is a first-year Ph.D. student and a graduate instructor for the Department of Communication & Journalism at the University of New Mexico. She studies intersections among health, media, and gender. Her research interests include, but not limited to
  1. women of color's information seeking on social media for their decision making,
  2. health (in)equity in New Mexico, and 
  3. behavioral intervention through communication technology for health risk prevention. 

Lian earned a BA (Dean's list) from Kyonggi University in Seoul, South Korea, where she double majored in Journalism and in Visual Media & Art. She received an MA in Communication from West Texas A&M University. Before moving to the United States, she worked on TV documentaries at the Korean Educational Broadcasting System. She is a research member of Digital Media and Communication for Health & Politics Research Group at C&J.

Outside of academia, Lian loves running, hiking, yoga, writing, and learning about individuals. She is a big fan of FC Barcelona.