Undergraduate Degree Plans and Catalog Information

What can I major in?

The Communication and Journalism department currently offers two Bachelor of Arts degrees under the College of Arts & Sciences to all students entering UNM. These degrees are the B.A. in Communication and the B.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication.

Previously, the department offered a B.A. in Journalism, as well as a B.A. in Mass Communication. Students within the C&J department may be under one of any of the four different degree plans, based on their catalog year.

What is my catalog year?

Your catalog year is the first semester and year that you registered and attended UNM. Catalog years start in the fall and end at the completion of the summer term.

If you do not know your catalog year, you can find this information by running your LoboTRAX degree audit. At the top of your audit you will see the words "CATALOG YEAR" followed by a six-digit number. The first four digits indicate the year, and the last 2 indicate the semester, 10 = spring, 60 = summer, 80 = fall. Therefore, "Catalog Year 201010" means that the student first attended UNM in Spring 2010, and is in the 2009-2010 catalog.

Students are allowed to request to move forward into a more recent catalog, but cannot move backwards.

Now that I know my catalog year, what are my options for a major?

Click on a concentration below to download the requirements:

Why do some degree requirements list more than one class?

Curriculum is constantly evolving. Therefore, some courses that were required on older degree plans are no longer being offered. If a student was unable to take a course when it was offered, an exception will be made. As a student, it is your responsibility to meet with the department advisor to ensure that you understand the exception process and have electives requiring approval, approved.

What minors are available?

The C&J department offers two distinct minors. Click on a minor to view course requirements:

Either of these minors can be declared at any time. You may not major and minor in Communication and/or Journalism & Mass Communication. Nor are you allowed to double major in the same department.

How long will it take me to complete the major requirements?

That depends on you. Each major requires 36 specific hours of C&J courses. The pre-requisites are indicated on the degree plans and courses must be taken in order. For a five-year chart of our scheduled undergraduate offerings, click here.

How do I declare my major?

The following must be successfully completed to be admitted to the C&J department and declare your major (Courses require a grade of "C" or better):

  • Writing & Speaking core
  • 2nd Language core
  • Math core
  • An overall GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • 6 hours of major course work, specific to each major:
    • Journalism & Mass Communication majors:
      - CJ 171L and STAT 145 (also satisfies Math core)
    • Communication majors:
      - CJ 101 and 3 additional hours of CJ course work

Once you have satisfied the above mentioned requirements, you will be contacted to officially declare your major.

What if I can't take the courses in order, can I take a pre-requisite course before or at the same time as the requisite course?

No. Courses must be taken in order because the skills that you gain in a pre-requisite course are needed to be successful in a requisite course. Therefore, it is your responsibility to plan your semesters, with your anticipated graduation date in mind. When you come in for C&J advisement, the advisor will work on a semester by semester plan with you from your current semester through your anticipated graduation date.

I'm planning on taking courses at another institution, how do I get credit?

If you are planning on taking a course at another institution either in the U.S. or through a study abroad program, bring in a copy of the Communication, Journalism, or Mass Communication course description, well in advance of your registration, to discuss whether this course will satisfy one of your C&J requirements. This will be reviewed, and if approved, an exception will be made on your LoboTRAX degree audit once the credit is transferred to UNM. Remember that each course in a specific subject area must be taken to that department for approval.