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Fall 2023

500 Level

500 - Found of Communication Theory

Survey and analysis of concepts, models and perspectives in the development of theories of communication; attention to philosophical, critical, historical and scientific bases for the study of communicative processes. Required of all M.A. students.

1350 - 1620
Communication & Journalism - 156
Michael Lechuga

501 - Found Communication Research

Review and evaluation of various forms of research and scholarly writing in the field of communication; identification of conceptual and paradigmatic problems in interpretation of research results; attention to skills in writing and reporting research.

1625 - 1855
Communication & Journalism - 219
Susana Martinez Guillem

507 - Intro Quantitative Methods

This course is designed to help students build basic understanding about quantitative research methods, develop skills to design and implement empirical quantitative research, and conduct univariate, bivariate, and multivariate data analyses (t-test, Chi-square test, ANOVA).

1625 - 1855
Communication & Journalism - 219
David Keating

518 - Culture, Places and Spaces

An overview of theory and research in culture, places, and spaces with special emphasis on the faculty member’s expertise, which may include: transnationalism and globalism, migration, borderlands, social activism and change, sustainability, etc.

1350 - 1620
Communication & Journalism - 121
Jaelyn DeMaria

555 - Cultr, Disparities, Hlth Comm

Covers the influence of culture on health beliefs, values, and health care practices. How beliefs and values impact communication in health care settings.

1350 - 1620
Communication & Journalism - 219
Yangsun Hong

569 - Media, Culture, & Society

Focuses on key theoretical debates that have shaped the field of media studies, with emphasis on application to the critique of mediated communication and technological trends and their impact on society, culture, and identity construction.

1350 - 1620
Communication & Journalism - 219
Ilia Rodriguez Nazario

584 - Teaching Communication

This course is designed to train and support Communication and Journalism graduate teaching assistants. Through a variety of workshops we engage techniques that facilitate innovative instruction and practice, mentoring skills, and ongoing pedagogical development. Offered on a CR/NC basis only. Restriction: admitted to M.A. Communication or Ph.D. Communication.

1200 - 1430
Communication & Journalism - 119
Evan Ashworth

593 - Graduate Problems

Independent study on questions and issues beyond those covered by regularly approved seminars. Plan must be prepared and approved by a faculty member who agrees to direct the study. Approval by department chairperson required.

001Independent Study1 TO 3Marco Briziarelli
005Independent Study1 TO 3Susana Martinez Guillem
002Independent Study1 TO 3Shinsuke Eguchi
007Independent Study1 TO 3Yangsun Hong
009Independent Study1 TO 3Jaelyn DeMaria
015Independent Study1 TO 3Ilia Rodriguez Nazario
017Independent Study1 TO 3Evan Ashworth
020Independent Study1 TO 3Judith White
021Independent Study1 TO 3David Weiss
022Independent Study1 TO 3Cleophas Muneri
012Independent Study1 TO 3Tamar Ginossar
003Independent Study1 TO 3David Keating
004Independent Study1 TO 3Michael Lechuga
006Independent Study3Mohammad Yousuf

598 - Masters Project

Plan II students only. Having registered for the project plan, the student must continue to register for a minimum of 1 hour of 598 during each regular semester (exclusive of summer) until the project is completed and approved. Offered on a CR/NC basis only. Restriction: permission of advisor.

001Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj1 TO 6Marco Briziarelli
005Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj1 TO 6Susana Martinez Guillem
006Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj1 TO 6Tamar Ginossar
007Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj1 TO 6David Keating
015Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj1 TO 6Ilia Rodriguez Nazario
017Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj1 TO 6Yangsun Hong
019Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj1 TO 6Evan Ashworth
020Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj1 TO 6Judith White
002Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj1 TO 6Shinsuke Eguchi
022Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj1 TO 6David Weiss
023Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj1 TO 6Jaelyn DeMaria
009Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj1 TO 6Cleophas Muneri
003Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj1 TO 6Michael Lechuga
004Prof Paper/Project/Design Proj3Mohammad Yousuf

599 - Masters Thesis

Plan I students only. Having registered for the thesis plan, the student must continue to register for a minimum of 1 hour of 599 during each regular semester (exclusive of summer) until the thesis is approved. Offered on a CR/NC basis only.

001Thesis1 TO 6Marco Briziarelli
005Thesis1 TO 6Susana Martinez Guillem
006Thesis1 TO 6David Keating
015Thesis1 TO 6Ilia Rodriguez Nazario
017Thesis1 TO 6Evan Ashworth
019Thesis1 TO 6Cleophas Muneri
020Thesis1 TO 6Judith White
002Thesis1 TO 6Shinsuke Eguchi
022Thesis1 TO 6David Weiss
023Thesis1 TO 6Jaelyn DeMaria
010Thesis1 TO 6Yangsun Hong
003Thesis1 TO 6Michael Lechuga
004Thesis1 TO 6Mohammad Yousuf
007Thesis3Tamar Ginossar

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600 Level

600 - History & Phil of Comm

Advanced study of the modern history and philosophical foundations of the study of human communication with attention to contributions of both humanistic and social science traditions and consideration of contemporary controversies concerning theory and research.

1350 - 1620
Communication & Journalism - 219
Cleophas Muneri

605 - Qualitative Res Design & Analy

Approaches and techniques for the analysis of qualitative data. Explores the relationships among paradigm, theory, method, and interpretation. Focuses on research design and human-subject protection as well as data analysis.

1625 - 1855
Communication & Journalism - 219
Michael Lechuga

699 - Dissertation

Having registered for the dissertation, the student must continue to register for a minimum of 1 hour of 699 during each regular semester (exclusive of summer) until the dissertation is completed and approved. Offered on a CR/NC basis only. Restriction: permission of advisor.

001Dissertation3 TO 12Marco Briziarelli
005Dissertation3 TO 12Susana Martinez Guillem
014Dissertation3 TO 12Ilia Rodriguez Nazario
017Dissertation3 TO 12Judith White
018Dissertation3 TO 12Evan Ashworth
008Dissertation3 TO 12Jaelyn DeMaria
002Dissertation3 TO 12Shinsuke Eguchi
021Dissertation3 TO 12David Weiss
009Dissertation3 TO 12Tamar Ginossar
011Dissertation3 TO 12Yangsun Hong
003Dissertation3 TO 12Cleophas Muneri
006Dissertation3 TO 12Michael Lechuga
010Dissertation3 TO 12David Keating
004Dissertation3Mohammad Yousuf

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