Communication & Journalism Scholarship Funds of Note

Please Consider contributing to one of the following worthy funds.  Contributions are tax-deductible and will greatly help our department, its students, and our research.  Contributions can be sent directly to the departmental office, or can be submitted online.  Simply click on the title of the Fund!

1. Communication & Journalism Chair's Discretionary Fund

This discretionary fund provides for expenses that meet the strategic goals of the Department such as special events, small research and special projects grants, and other unexpected needs of the Department.

2. Peggy Ann Hutchinson Memorial Scholarship  

This memorial gift provides undergraduate internships in Washington, DC.  Students will work directly with various news agencies and public relations and advertising companies that primarily serve the political community.

3. Karen A. Foss Student Award in Communications and Journalism  

Named for Regents Professor Karen Foss, this award provides travel support for faculty, graduate students, and staff; supports international exchange programs; and helps to sustain our colloquium and lecture/lecture series programming. 

4. Jim Crow Memorial Scholarship in Journalism  

Awards from this fund are made available to deserving Native American undergraduate students who are successfully pursuing a course of study in Journalism at UNM and plan a future career in Journalism.

5. Joanne D. Dowler Scholarship for Excellence in Intercultural Communication  

This award supports undergraduate students within the Department of Communication & Journalism who are concentrating in the field of Intercultural Communication.

 6. Albuquerque Press Club Scholarship

This endowed scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving journalism or communication scholar who is a graduate of a New Mexico high school and who has demonstrated a high standard of academic ability.

7. Jeanette King Memorial Scholarship in Journalism

An endowed scholarship, this award is named for Jeanette King, a photography student of journalism in Communication & Journalism. The fund was established by her family to support exceptional women students majoring in Journalism with an emphasis on photojournalism.

8. John J. Aragon Endowed Scholarship in Journalism

Hispanic students; Journalism Major; 2.5 GPA. 

Named for Mr. Aragon, a UNM Journalism graduate, this award helps support an Hispanic student majoring in Journalism who demonstrates a high standard of academic achievement, scholastic ability, and financial need.

9.Kelly Richmond Memorial Endowment

Named for Kelly Richmond, a former Daily Lobo news editor, this award helps to support undergraduate student who demonstrate need. Preference is given to students who are associated with the Daily Lobo.

10. New Mexico Public Relations Society of America Endowed Public Relations Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to honor public relations students. Students demonstrating a high standard of academic achievement and concentrating on a public relations specialty are eligible to apply for this award.

11.  The Joseph H. & Stephen T. Mercer Memorial Scholarship Fund for Speech & Debate

Established in memory of father and son, Joe and Steve Mercer, this fund provides awards to winners of the annual Joe and Steve Mercer Tournament for Speech and Debate. Awards are based solely on the speaking merit of the students.

12. TheCommunication & Journalism Student Awards

This fund provides awards to graduate students who have achieved the highest standards in teaching, research, and service.

13. The Fund for Journalism Innovation

This fund helps the Communication & Journalism Department expand and sustain its exciting multimedia news partnership, The New Mexico News Port. Declared a winner of the national “Challenge Fund for Innovation in Journalism Education” (Online News Association 2014), the News Port serves the information needs of New Mexicans by emphasizing collaboration over competition among New Mexico’s journalists.


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