The C&J Ambassadors is an honor organization comprised of top, diverse, undergraduate and graduate Communication and Journalism students (graduate students will serve as mentors).


The mission of the C&J Ambassadors is to reach out to C&J students and the community at large and represent the department at diverse projects and events.

What do the C&J Ambassadors do?

The ambassadors represent the department at university and departmental-initiated community events. They are expected to bring diverse perspectives, help foster relationships with current and prospective students, aid in departmental efforts to reach out to the community including schools in their communities, with community advisory board, community organizations and assist with high-profile campus visits. They have the opportunity to work closely with C&J leadership and apply their communication and journalism professional skills in applied settings.  

Membership Requirements

1. Undergraduate students must have at least 6 hours of C&J course work completed by the end of the spring 2018 semester with a grade of B or higher (you do not need to be a C&J major).  There is no minimum hour requirement for graduate students who wish to apply.

2. Must have at least a 3.00 cumulative GPA.

3. Must meet established point requirements designated for each academic year.

Who Should Apply?

If you are interested in reaching out to communities, supporting C&J, advancing your communication and leadership skills, building connections across campus and with departmental leadership, as well as building your resume, please apply!

Application Should be Typed and Emailed to Dr. Ginossar:

C&J Ambassador Faculty

Photo: Tamar Ginossar

Tamar Ginossar

C&J Ambassadors

Photo: Sumaira Abrar

Sumaira Abrar

2019 Cohort

Photo: Allison Balder

Allison Balder

2019 Cohort

Photo: Benjamin Brandley

Benjamin Brandley

2019 Cohort

Photo: Sierra Greenlee

Sierra Greenlee

2019 Cohort

Kayla Keston

2019 Cohort

Photo: Hallie Rae Reyes

Hallie Rae Reyes

2019 Cohort

Christian  Rodriguez

2019 Cohort

Photo: Monica Romero

Monica Romero

2019 Cohort

Photo: Sinduja Sivakumar

Sinduja Sivakumar

2019 Cohort

Photo: Mikhaela Smith

Mikhaela Smith

2019 Cohort

Photo: Zane Van Winkle

Zane Van Winkle

2019 Cohort