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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

There are several types of grants and scholarships available from the university.  The Office of Graduate Studies offers the following awards (for national students only):

New Mexico Higher education Department Graduate Scholarship Program - The graduate scholarship program is intended to increase enrollment of students in graduate education particularly among minorities and women.  An award of $7,200 is provided.

Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Graduate Scholarship Program - Provides one year financial assistance to students who will complete their dissertation by the next academic year. An award of $8,000 is provided.

Tom L. Popejoy Dissertation Prize - a $1000 award is provided for an outstanding dissertation (completed).  It rotates across departments and C &J students are eligible every three years (next time will be in 2013).

The New Mexico 3% Scholarship - Eligible students will be awarded automatically on a first come, first served basis. The scholarship covers approximately 6 hours of tuition and fees for the academic year.  This scholarship is available only to New Mexico residents who are first-time graduate students and who have not been awarded an assistantship and is based on need.

There are several other opportunities for scholarships and fellowships listed in the Office of Graduate Studies Funding Web page.  The Office of Graduate Studies website is at

Three other sources of information at UNM:
Financial Aid Office:
Scholarship Office:
Global Education Office: