Digital Media and Communication for Health & Politics Research Group

.At the Digital Media and Communication (DMC) research group, we study how we communicate and interact with digital media about health and political issues. We conduct theory-based, culturally sensitive, and interdisciplinary research using quantitative research methods. If you have any questions, please email Dr. Sun Hong ( or our student leader Esther Fan (
Spring 2022 DMC Research Group meeting with a Visiting Scholar Dr. CJ Lee
2022 DMC Research Group Meeting_© DMC
DMC's current projects: 
  • Motivations for Instagram Use and Political Use of Instagram: A Latent Profile Analysis (Led by Moonsun Choi) 
  • Relationships between Social Media Use, Exposure to HPV Vaccine Misinformation, and Health Information Seeking (Led by Lian Kim) 
  • Applying Influence of Presumed Media Influence (IPI) and Descriptive Norms to the Uncertain and Politicized Health Context, COVID-19 Vaccination for Children under 12 (Led by Moonsun Choi & Courtney FitzGerald) 
  • The Impact of Risk Perceptions on Social Media Engagement: The case of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Korea” (Led by Qinjun Fan) 
  • The Interaction Between Online Media Use and Interpersonal Health Communication in the Context of Health-Related Lifestyle Behaviors (Led by Rachel Taylor) 
  • Patient-Provider Communication and Muslim Refugees (Led by Sumaira Abrar)


Photo: Yangsun Hong

Yangsun Hong

Assistant Professor


social determinants of health inequities, communication inequalities, social norms approach, perception of media bias, misinformation, intersectionality, public opinion, political conversation, political participation, stigma

Graduate Students

Photo: Sumaira Abrar

Sumaira Abrar

Ph.D. candidate


health communication, patient-provider communication, health disparities, social determinants of health
Photo: Moonsun Choi

Moonsun Choi

Ph.D. student


Media/digital literacy, Internet studies, digital citizenship, political communication/activism, Internet-infused education, critical thinking, online participation
Photo: Qinjun  Fan

Qinjun  Fan

Ph.D. student


social media, health information on the internet, health intervention, misinformation
Photo: Rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor

Ph.D. student


Media studies, health communication


Photo: Courtney FitzGerald

Courtney FitzGerald

Associate Scientist, Prevention Research Center


resilience, youth development, youth/student voice, culture-centered approaches, community-based participatory research, participatory action research, public health surveillance, survey research
Photo: Nathania Tsosie

Nathania Tsosie

Associate Director, Center for Native American Health


Health Communication, Intercultural Communication