Recent Graduates

Recently Earned Ph.D. Degrees


Chenoa Stilwell-Jensen 
Iina Dziil be’ At’iin (On the Path of a Strong Life): Dine (Navajo) Perceptions of Self-Care and Social Support with Diabetes Management 
Employment: Part-time Instructor, University of New Mexico, Department of Communication & Journalism 


Nina Cooper 
Sisters Supporting Sisters: Photovoice & Diabetes Discourse Among Church-based Women of Color          Employment: Community Engagement Manager, Homewise, a nonprofit & CDFI (community development financial institution) 

Christina Blankenship 
Moving Away from the Alt-Right: How the Proud Boys Utilize Image-Conscious Populist Media to Re-brand White Nationalism 
Employment: Part-time Instructor, University of New Mexico, Department of Communication & Journalism; Senior Instructional Systems Designer, Department of Energy 

Jocelyn Gomez
Re/ Constructing Race and Racism Among Unionized Mexican Immigrants Through Vernacular Discourse
Employment: Community Engagement Student Initiatives Manager at the Center for Community Engagement at Dominican University of California and adjunct faculty for the Division of Literature, Languages & Humanities at Dominican University of California

Maggie Seiber
EmploymentNew Mexico Department of Health & University of New Mexico Community & Regional Planning 

Brook Cholka 
Employment: IRB specialist University of Nevada, Reno  

Hannah Long 
 “‘Fat is a queer issue too’: Complicating queerness and body size in women’s sexual orientation and identity.” Seeking a job outside of the academia.  
Joseph Flores
Capitalizing on Language: The Political and Economic (Re)Circulation of a National Imaginary.
Employment: Casper College

Zhao Ding
Dissertation:  “Resisting the victimization: Examining ideological tensions of race, gender, sexuality, and transnationality among first-generation Chinese migrant women in U.S. academia.” 
Awarded the 2020 Outstanding Dissertation in Asian/Pacific American Communication Studies Division & Caucus by National Communication Association (NCA) and the 2020 Outstanding Dissertation in International and Intercultural Communication Division by National Communication Association (NCA). 
Employment: Assistant Professor of Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication, Dixie State University. 

Claudia Boyd
Dissertation:  The Sweet Tale:  A Pilot Study of an Interactive Narrative Health Communication Intervention for Children Using Positive Deviance to Highlight Communicative Acts that Lead to Effective Management of Diabetes among Hispanics
Employment:  Lecturer and Assistant Director of Forensics, University of Texas - El Paso

Cicilia Brooke Cholka
Safe Sex and Relationship Negotiation in People who Identify as Polyamorous

Ivana Cvetkovic
Dissertation:  Framing EU Borders in Online News:  European Multimodal Discourses of Inclusion and Exclusion
Employment:  Assistant Professor, Cal Poly - Pomona

Zhao Ding
Dissertation:  Resisting the Victimization:  Examining Edeological Tensions of Race, Gender, Sexuality and Transnationality among First-generation Chinese Migrant Women in U.S. Academia
Employment: Visiting Assistant Professor, Gustavus Adolphus College

Ailesha Ringer
Dissertation:  Sex, Labor, and Digital Spaces:  A Critical Discourse Analysis of GP Guiaz - a Brazilian Sex Worker Twitter Feed
Employment:  Assistant Professor, Metropolitan State University - St. Paul

Margaret Siebert
Genetically Modified Salmon and the Future of Food: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Twitter
Mariko Thomas
Dissertation:  Cartographies of Roots:  An Exploration of Plant Communication, Place, and Story

Andrew West
Dissertation:  "What's With What's Her Name? Sire, Call So and So...Can't You Use Your Own Hands?"  Older Adult Perspectives on the Roles Communication Technology and Physical Activity Play in Their Aging Experiences.
Employment:  Private Consultant, Albuquerque

Jose Castro Sotomayor
Dissertation:  Translating Global Nature:  Territoriality, Environmental Discourses, and Ecocultural Identies

Eric Karikari
Dissertation:  Negotiating Culture in Africa: A Critical Analysis of Organizational Discourse in Ghana
Employment:  Assistant Professor, Towson University

Huan Ran
Dissertation:  International News Agencies in the Era of Global Communications: The Case of CCTV and its Penetration of the U.S. News Market
Employment:  Apple, Inc.

Myra "Nikkie" Roberts
Dissertation:  "(Lie)Alectics and the Discursive Dequeerification of Political Spaces Based on Religious Freedoms: A Critical Rhetorical Analysis of the Mormon and Gay Website"
Employment:  Assistant Professor and Director of Public Speaking, Central New Mexico Community College

Lindsay Scott
Dissertation:  "Kenyan Youth’s Experiences of Intercultural Conflict: Negotiating Context, Intersectionalities, and Agency"
Employment:  Assistant Professor, Lone Star College

Sayyed Fawad Ali Shah
Dissertation:  Health is an Achoot Beat: Factors Influencing Pakistani Journalists’ Coverage of Polio Vaccination
Employment:  Assistant Professor, University of Jacksonville, Alabama

Maryam Alhinai
Dissertation:  Humanature Relations in Oman:  Connections, Disconnections and Globalization
Employment:  Assistant Professor, Sultan Qaboos University, Department of English

Godfried Agyeman Asante
Dissertation:  (Re)producing the Ghanain/African subject:  Ideological Tensions and Queer Subjectivities in Post - colonial Ghana
Employment:  Assistant Professor, Drake University

Emily Lilo
Employment: Team Lead for the Mass Media Team - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  

Gabriela I. Morales
EmploymentAssistant Professor, New Mexico State 

Consolata Mutua
Dissertation:  Negotiating Identity, Home, and Belonging:  Understanding the Experiences of Afracan Women Refugees Resettled in the United States
Employment:  Assistant Professor, Randolph-Macon College

Audrey Riffenburgh
Dissertation:  Elements Affecting Adoption and Implementation of Health Literacy Initiatives in Healthcare Organizations:  A Qualitative Study
EmploymentPresident and Founder at Health Literacy Connections, LLC 

Ricky Hill
Dissertation:  Trans/formations:  A Photovoice Assessment of Transgender People's Wellness
Employment:  Research Program Coordinator, The Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing, Northwestern University

Mónica Pérez-Marín
Dissertation:  Critical Discourse Analysis of Colombian Identities and Humanature in National Geographic Magazine (1903-1952)
Employment:  Associate Professor, Universidad de Medellin (Colombia)

Santhosh Chandrashekar
Dissertation: Un/desirable Subjects: Racial Neoliberal Capitalism, South Asians, and the Unevenness of Racialization
Employment:  Assistant Professor, University of Denver

Laura L. Burton
Dissertation: Hope as Reclaiming Narrative Agency: The Communication Processes Facilitating Hope at a Community-Based Support Program
Employment:  Program Manager, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Rio Rancho Campus

Erin Watley
Dissertation: Culture, Conflicts & Discourse: A Critical Discourse Analysis of How Undergraduate Students Conceptualize and Practice Context, Intersectionality and Critical Reflexivity in Conversations About Intercultural Conflict
Employment:  Assistant Professor, McDaniel College

Arthur Aguirre
Dissertation:  Monstrosities, Money, & Machines: A Metaphoric Analysis of Fantasy Football as a Social World
Employment:  Visiting Assistant Professor in Leadership Studies, University of Texas-El Paso

Nicholas Noblet
Employment:  Partner Solution Analyst, HealthX

Chad Perry
Dissertation: ¿De dónde eres? The Construction of U.S. and Immigrant Culture and Identity in the ESL Adult Education Setting
Employment:  Assistant Professor, University of Central Oklahoma

Lynn Walters
Dissertation:  Through Their Own Eyes: Exploring New Mexico High School Students' Perceptions of the Influences on Their Food Practices
Employment:  Executive Director, Cooking with Kids

Danielle Kvam
Dissertation: Communication as a resource for Latin American immigrant settlement in the United States: An ethnography of communication.
Employment: Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Angela Putman
Dissertation: Interrupting the silence: A critical discourse analysis of a pilot seminar on racism, intersectionality and white privilege.
Employment: Assistant Professor, Penn State University - Brandywine 

Ashley Archiopoli
Dissertation: Don’t put me in “quotes:” Examining communication episodes of health-related stigma
Employment: Associat Professor, University of Houston Downtown

Susan Arsht
Dissertation:  “This is how worklife should be:” Quality connections, positive relationships, and positive organizational climate
Employment: Assistant Professor, Westminster College

Natasha (Barnett) Rascon
Dissertation:  The Process Of Diagnosis Delivery Of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Employment:  Instructor, Indiana State University

Vanessa Brandon
Dissertation: Fantasy-theme analysis of food documentaries: Contention, collaboration, and consultation as health promotion approaches
Employment: Seattle University

Jaclyn Devine
Dissertation: Exploring organizational culture and intercultural communication practices in a teaching hospital

Sarah Upton
Dissertation: Constructing the conspiring community: Using the practices of invitational rhetoric to create sustainable solutions to community-identified needs
Employment: Assistant Professor, University of Texas-El Paso

Marisa Garcia Rodriguez
DissertationMediated Narratives on Citizenship, Immigration, and National Identity: The Construction of Dreamer Identities in Public Discourse Surrounding President Obama’s 2012 Deferred Deportation Announcement
Employment: Lecturer at: Northern Arizona University

Kristen Cole
Dissertation: “Every ‘one’ and every ‘thing’ can be loved”: A rhetorical analysis of networked self-representation by the objectùm sexuality community
Employment: Assistant Professor, Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus

Wendy Hine
Dissertation: Narrative medicine and traditional medical interviewing approaches in women with breast cancer
Employment: UNM Cancer Center, Albuquerque, NM

Carmen Lowry
Dissertation: Traversing Invitational Spaces: The Beautiful Iraqi Women Project
Employment: Executive Director, Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Jelena Petrovic
Dissertation: The return of the Serbian other: Interpretative repertoires of nationalism and identity politics in online news discourses on Serbia’s integration in the European union.
Employment: Assistant Professor, Stetson University

Alexis Pulos
Dissertation: Digital Game Design: A Procedural Field Analysis of Digital Capital
Employment: Assistant Professor, Northern Kentucky University

Alexandra (Sasha) Arjannikova de Leon
Dissertation: An Organizational Culture Analysis of United Methodist Congregations
Employment:  International-intercultural specialist for the United Methodist Church, Western Region in Sacramento, CA

Julie Lucero
Dissertation: Trust as an Ethical Construct in Community Based Participatory Research Partnerships.
Employment: Assistant Professor & Director of the Latino Research Center, University of Nevada, Reno 

Jaelyn deMaria
Dissertation: Seeds of Resistance; Harvesting Justice: An exploration of spaces where native seeds grow
Employment:  Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico

Willow Jackson
Dissertation: Immigration in rural Newfoundland: Individual and community change

Brandi Lawless
Dissertation: Ending poverty? Critical interrogations of class subjectivities, agency, and ideologies in discursive and embodied texts from a US nonprofit.
Employment: Associate Professor, University of San Francisco

Alice Hopkins-Loy
Dissertation: Social-environmental Entrepreneurs’ Communicative Actions in Communication Networks
Employment: Institute for Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship, Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative; Rockwood Fellow (2012-2013)

Satoshi Moriizumi
Dissertation: Social support seeking processes in Japan and the United States: A multi-layered approach.
Employment: Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan

Anjana Mudambi
Dissertation: South Asian And (Undocumented) Latino/A Immigrant Bloggers: A Critical Discourse Analysis Of Their Engagement With Immigration Discourses
Employment: Lecturer, Augusta University

Cleophas Muneri
Dissertation: Negotiating Cultural Identity In The Struggle For Democracy In Zimbabwe: Postcolonial Transitions And Endurance
Employment: Lecturer III, University of New Mexico

Jessica Nodulman Cooper
Dissertation: Transcending Traditional Approaches to Sexuality Education: A Case Study in Communicating, Constructing, and Defining Sex-Positive Sexuality Education
Employment: Associate Professor, Augustana College

Claudia Anguiano
Dissertation: Undocumented, unapologetic, and unafraid: Analyzing the discursive strategies of the DREAMer immigrant youth movement.
EmploymentAssistant Professor, University of California, Fullerton 

Soumia Bardhan
EmploymentAssistant Professor and Director of Global Communication initiatives, Kansas State University

Jo Carter
DissertationLet the Beauty We Love Be What We Do: A Case Study in Communication-Centered Leadership

Iliana Rucker De Larkin 
Dissertation: Obama's Presidential Race: Framing and Ideological Analysis of BLOGS
Employment: Instructor, Loyola-Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA

Eudaline Patricia (Cia) Hell
Dissertation: Patient-Provider Interactions: The Contemporary Cameroonian Story.
Employment:  Health care, Nantes, France

Divya Sreenivas
Dissertation: Structure of Narratives: Applying Propp's folktale morphology to entertainment-education films

Lorenda Belone
Dissertation: An examination of communicative dialectical tensions and paradoxes encountered by Native American researchers in the field and in the academy
Employment Associate Professor, Health Education, University of New Mexico

Yea-Wen Chen
Dissertation: Negotiating intersecting cultural identities, dialectical tensions, and status relationships: Intercultural relationships in two nonprofit organizations in the Southwest
Employment: Ohio University

Jennifer Sandoval
Dissertation: Labor pains: An exploration into the complex roles of identity, the body, and policy in surrogacy discourses in India
Employment: University of Central Florida after a year at California State University Stanislaus

Elizabeth Dickinson
Dissertation: Constructing, consuming, and complicating the human-nature binary: Communication practices in forest environmental education
Employment: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Marianne Leonardi
Dissertation:Narrative as self performance: The rhetorical construction of identities on Facebook profiles
Employment: Assistant Professor, St. Ambrose University - Davenport, Iowa

Hannah Oliha
Dissertation: Discourses of diversity: Negotiating the boundaries for equality, inclusion, and through the discourse of socially situated subjects
Employment: West Texas A & M University

Abdissa Zerai
Dissertation: U.S. press representation of the southern Sudanese Civil War, 1983-2005
Employment: Instructor, UNM C&J department

Christopher Brown
Dissertation: White bodies, black gaze: Constructions of white masculinity in white-male elite discourses on leadership and diversity
Employment: Two-year postdoctoral research fellowship, Ohio State University

Holly Siebert Kawakami
Dissertation: A history and development of the intercultural communication field in Japan (1950-Present)

Martina Myers
Dissertation: Institutional Ethnography: How Tenured Academic Women Talk About Success
Employment: New Mexico State University

Bhavana Upadhyaya
Dissertation: Amma’s daughters: A transmodern study of personal, gender, cultural, and religious identities amongst women in the Amma community in United States
Employment: Central New Mexico Community College

Courtney Fletcher
Dissertation: Negotiating face and conflict in romantic relationships: A cross-cultural comparison of Uganda and Ethiopia
Employment: University of Portland

Jessica Crespo
Dissertation: Online Marriage and "Buhay Ko" (My Life): Views from Filipino Prospective Brides, Wives, and their U.S./British/Australian Husbands
Employment: Clarion University

Recently Earned M.A. Degrees

Benjamin Bailey 
Thesis:  ‘This is how you navigate the world’: Impacts of Mormon Rhetoric on White queer members’ identity performance.” 
Employment: Ph.D. Student, Arizona State University.
Reslie Cortes
Thesis: “Walk feminine, talk feminine: A critical textual analysis of femininities, performances, and representations in anime.” 
Employment: Ph.D. Student, Arizona State University.  

Yvone Gandert
Broadcasting or Branding America's Political Breakdown:  Gaging the Multi-level Media Influences of Satirical Media Coverage of the Government Shutdown

Matthew Higgins
It is More than a Game:  An Ethnography Of Communication Treatment of Resilience as a Key Element of Basketball Culture

Kaitlin Magee
Thesis:  "Is There Really a Way to Prevent Cancer?":  Exploring Cancer Prevention Information Seeking Among Cancer Patients and Caregivers

Isaac Ramsey
Thesis:  Stories in Magenta:  An Asexual Standpoint Within and Outside Queerness, Sexual Performance, and Relationships

Carolotta Anweiler
ThesisA Church’s Approach to Intercultural Communication Encounters in Short-term Missions
Employment:  Communications Coordinator, Missions Door

Maria Elwan
Thesis:  Flan, Manzanilla y un Despojo: An Oral History Project on the FolkLife and Foodways of the Cuban Diaspora in the Greater Albuquerque, New Mexico, Area

Seonah Kim
Thesis:  Is it Non-Summit? Is it Abnormal? Unpacking Whiteness: Critiquing Racialized and Gendered Representations in Non-Summit
Employment:  Doctoral Student, University of Washington

Sebastiaan H.M.H. Gorissen
Thesis:  Common anong Wizards, Popstars, and Cowboys:  Performance and Participation in Media Fandom

Avery Myers-Regulinski
Thesis:  A Rainbow with One Color:  Expanding the Limited Representations of LGBTQ People in Greeting Cards
Employment:  Communications Adjunct Faculty, Whatcom Community College

Jason Boys
Thesis: Tensions in (Agri)Culture: The Negotiation of Environmental Dialectics at an Urban  Farmers’ Market
Employment: Senior Assistant Director, School of Labor and Employment Relations, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

Rodrigo Guzman
Thesis: Contested Knowledges:  A Rhetorical Analysis of the Eclipses for Austin by Pablo Vargas Lugo at the Intersection of Art and Science
 Employment: Graduate school in Estonia

Diana Leon
Thesis: “A Latina Captain in Showtime’s Dexter”:  (Un)Veiling a Progressive Image of Latinas through Discourse Analysis of Media-Audience Co-constructions of Latinidad

Lingjing Bao
Employment:  Disney World, Florida

Zhibin Hong
Thesis: Social Networking Sites: Social Support, Motivation, and Influences on Chinese international students' intercultural communication competence
Employment:  Non-Profit Admin. Fellow at New Mexico Asian Family Center

Miwa Kimura
Thesis: A Program Of Attraction Rather Than Promotion: Encouraging Newcomers To “Keep Coming Back”

Lisa Rossignol
Thesis:  When Visions Converge and Collide:  A Fantasy Theme Analysis of Staff Participation in the Patient—and Family—Centered Care Initiative at the University of New Mexico Hospital
Employment:  Ph.D. student, Sociology, Univ. of New Mexico

Kirby Witten-Smith
Employment:   PR Newswire, Albuquerque, N.M.

Pamela Gerber
Thesis: Virtually present: An ethnography of communication look at the shaping of social rules in small group interactions mediated by mobile devices
Employment: Central New Mexico Community College

LaRae Tronstad
Thesis: "And now I'm here": An ethnography of communication about "asking for help" practices at a homeless shelter.
 Employment: Doctoral student, University of Texas at Austin

Uriel Lapcevic

Stacey Overholt
Thesis: "The Monstrous Side of Humanity": A Generic, Narrative, and Audience Reception Analysis of "True Blood"

Angela (Qingjing) Xu
Thesis: "I have to be everything": Voices of international working mothers: Negotiating work-life balance in the United States.
Employment: Executive Vice President, Recruitment and Organizational Development - Asia, for Education First. Based out of Boston, Mass.

Krystal Zaragoza
Thesis: Adolescent Sexuality and Gender Discourses in Seventeen, Cosmo Girl, and Teen: A Frame Analysis of Online Teen Magazines

Kenneth Lythgoe
Thesis: Over and Under the Rainbow: A (Queer) Rhetorical Analysis of the Rainbow Sash Movement and Rainbow Sash Alliance
Placement: Doctoral student, University of Wisconsin Madison

Carolina Ramos
Thesis: Borders, bridges, and beer: Performances of cultural identities in the Washington Birthday Celebration.
Placement: Doctoral student, University of Texas at San Antonio

Marleah Dean
Thesis: "It's Like a Giant Game of Telephone": Physicians' Perceptions of Effective Communication in the Emergency Department Context.
Placement: Doctoral student, University of Texas at Austin

Carrie Niesen
Thesis: Navigating reentry shock: The use of communication as a facilitative tool
Employment: Instructor, Winona State University

Nicole Abeyta
Thesis:Hispanics’ communication experience in the organizational setting

Bodi Li
Thesis: The effects of electronic word-of-mouth: An exploratory study

Liesel Sharabi
Thesis: Why can’t we be friends? Examining the influence of social network profiles on initial interactions.

Laura Burton
May 2009
Thesis: Facing defacement: Factors influencing indigenous patients in provider-patient communication in Baja Verapaz, Guatamala
Employment: Instructor, UNM C&J department