Multiculturalism & Diversity : An Informal Rountable Discussion

Colloquium Series

When: Wed, Mar 26 2014, 14:00pm - 03:30pm

Where: CJ 121

Colloquium: Spring 2014

March 26 Wednesday from 2 to 3:30@CJ 121

Informal Roundtable Discussion:

Multiculturalism and Diversity


Dr. Shinsuke Eguchi (Communication)


Dr. Amy L. Brandzel (American Studies)

Dr. Andre Haag (Asian Studies)

Dr. Susana Martinez Guillem (Communication)

Dr. David Weiss (Communication)

Mr. David Maile (Communication)


For this informal roundtable session, both panelists and participants will discuss how multiculturalism and diversity are constructed in institutionalized contexts that mark inclusionary and/or exclusionary representations. Specifically, we will discuss the following questions: What is multiculturalism? What is diversity? How do institutions produce multiculturalism and diversity? How is cultural difference managed in institutional representations? Answering these questions, we will engage politics of inclusion and exclusion regarding how intersectional cultural groups navigate amongst dominant productions of knowledge that feature multiculturalism and diversity. Audience participation is strongly encouraged.