CJ507 mini conference', Thursday, December 5th, 4PM - 6:30PM in Room 119

Student News

Posted: December 4, 2019

CJ graduate students who take CJ507 (Dr. Yangsun Hong: Intro to quantitative methods: design and analysis) will make final presentation of their research papers. The presentations will be very interesting and innovative!  


Session 1: Culture, biases, and experiences
Cassidy Ellis – Distinctively Dixieland or Assimilated into America?: An Empirical Test of Southern Exceptionalism
Keisuke Kimura – Exploring Racism: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Japan and the U.S.
Austin Miller – Queer Experience in the Churches of Christ: Navigating Faith, Sexuality, and Discrimination
Anthony Peavy  – It's Not All About Phenotype: The Effects of Essentialized Racial Signifiers on How We Read Racially Ambiguous People

Session 2: Culture, safety and foods
Crys LaCroix – UNM Undergraduate Students' Use of On-Campus Safety Measures
Nathania Tsosie  Social support and personal safety behaviors among American Indian high school students: A place-based comparison of on and off-Reservation schools
Katherine Whiting – Serving up Memories: Links between Nostalgia and Fair Food Consumption