The following UNM C&J classes will be offered in-person in Valencia: 


Experience Spanish Popular Culture. CJ393. 3 credits. Spring 2024 (8 weeks, second half). No Pre-Requisite/Requirements 


Course description: From our study abroad site in Valencia, in this class we will experience the popular culture of Spain, and discuss its comparative and relational ties to New Mexico, and the US more broadly. Through direct exposure to flamenco music and dance, “fútbol”, film and TV productions, local festivities, sustainable agricultural practices, or local architectural landmarks, we will explore historical, social and cultural issues shaping past and present-day “Spain,” such as internal and external colonialism, national(ist) ideologies, past and recent social movements, or economic, geographical, and identity-shaped struggles for equality. In their final projects, students will develop their comparative, analytical, and critical skills as they work to connect popular cultural items discussed in the Spanish setting to their New Mexican contexts. 

Course objectives:

1.) Recognize and analyze a variety of contemporary Spanish cultural practices, their historical roots, and consequences.

2.) Observe and assess our own cultural habits, as well as their potential effects on ourselves and those around us (including the ecosystem).

3.) Explain and evaluate the relationship between cultural practices, common sense, and ideology.

In Valencia, you will also take an 8 week, 3-credit course in "Spanish language and culture" at the Hispania Educational Institute, where you will meet local instructors and students from all over the world. These Spanish credits will be officially recognized by UNM's Department of Spanish and Portuguese. This course will be taught in Spanish. But don't worry! Our local staff at the Institute will adjust to your level, so there is no previous language requirement. 


The following UNM SPAN courses can be transferred from Hispania Educational Institute: SPAN 1120, 2110,2120, 301 OR 302 


To find a Spanish language equivalency chart, follow this link: