Valencia, our base location, is located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain and is one of the main tourist destinations in Europe thanks to the perfect combination of its mild climate, its beautiful beaches, innumerable festivities, and endless life both day and night.

Weekly cultural program includes activities such as city tours, cooking lessons, restaurant and museum visits, beach and water sports, hiking, or attendance to major events and festivities such as Valencia's Fallas.

Day-long field trips include: Sagunto (with visit to Roman ruins), Requena (with wine tasting), Morella (with visit to cave paintings) and Peñíscola (with visit to the castle. We will also learn about local community projects and their initiatives to preserve Valencia's fertile region (Horta) its irrigation fields (acequias), and the resulting local produce that has fed the region for centuries.

You can find more pictures and a nice reportage on Valencia in this issue of National Geographic: https://viajes.nationalgeographic.com.es/c/valencia/fotos/1/3